TRIXIE Rabbit Hutch Review

TRIXIE Rabbit Hutch Review

Luxurious 2-Storey Design

Your rabbits will feel like royalty in this incredibly spacious hutch, offering an enclosed retreat upper-level, with a large lower level from the to play in the grass.

Non-Slip Safety Ramp

Ensure that the rabbits are safe as they climb up and down the hutch, this the ramp designed to prevent falling. They can easily change levels without having to worry about slipping or sliding around!

Roomy Attic With Removable Floor

Give the rabbits as much space as they need inside the enclosed area, with the fully removable floor. Perfect to separate the rabbits if needed, the attic opens into a large area once the floor is removed.

Hinged Opening Roof For Easy Access

When you need to get into the retreat, simply open the hinges on the roof and you will have all the access that you need. Simple and fast, you can get to the rabbits right away.

Removable Plastic Tray For Quick Cleaning

The hutch offers an easy-to-remove plastic tray, meaning that you just need to slide it out and wash it in order to provide your rabbits with a clean and happy home.


Give your rabbits the beautiful home they deserve with this spacious, dual-level wooden hutch from Trixie Pet Products.

Designed to provide the rabbits with a safe, enclosed nesting area on the upper level and a large lower ground area joined by a non-slip safety ramp, your rabbits will love the freedom the hutch offers.

Built out of durable, solid lumber to withstand the outdoor elements, the hutch is made to last without any major maintenance. The tough build keeps the rabbits safe from both the weather and any predators at all times.

For the owners, the removable roof and pull-out tray make cleaning a breeze, as you can simply open the upper area to remove the waste in minutes.

Created to be assembled quickly and easily, you will have the hutch open to house the rabbits in no time! And with the beautiful stained wood, the hutch is a perfect addition to any yard or farmhouse.

The dimensions of the unit are:
  • 78 x 37 x 57 inches
  • Hutch: 37 x 36 x 58 inches
  • ​Run: 46 x 36 x 38 inches
  • ​Mesh Door Opening: 18 x 25 inches
  • ​Mesh/Wood: 12 x 15 inches