Trixie Chicken Coop Review

Trixie Chicken Coop Review

Perfect For 2 Chickens Or 4 Bantams

This expertly designed chicken coop is made for housing two full-grown chickens or four bantams. With a large roaming area on the bottom and spacious nesting home, your chickens will have suitable room for everything they need.

High Quality, Durable Design

Built from durable, waterproof wood and offering a galvanized steel mesh fencing, your chickens are guaranteed to be protected from both predators and the elements in this coop. Plus, the durable nature means the coop will last for many years to come.

Nesting House With Hinged Roof And Divider

To ensure the best quality eggs, the nesting house is built with a divider so that the chickens have their own personal space. The hinged roof allows for easy egg collection as you simply open the roof and have access to the eggs.

Separate Sleeping House With Roosting Pole

Let your chickens rest comfortably in this large sleeping area that has a pole for them to roost. Made to give them space, comfort and security, they are sure to have a good night’s sleep inside.

Sliding Door To Restrict Access

When you need to prevent the chickens from roaming inside or outside the upper portion, this sliding door is available to restrict access to either. Simply shut or open the door as you require to keep the chickens separated or let them roam free.


Treat your chickens to the home that they need to provide top class eggs with this high quality, wooden chicken coop from Trixie Pet Products. The traditional design lets the chickens roam free on the lower level, while a sliding door restricts access from the ramp to the inside when needed. Perfectly sized for either two chickens or four bantams.

Inside, the chickens have a spacious nesting area with a divider that can keep them separated if necessary. The sleeping area comes with a roosting pole, giving them everything they need for a good rest. The lower wood paneling, asphalt shingles and strong steel mesh keeps them safe from any potential attacks or bad weather.

Finally, the nesting house offers easy access to the eggs for retrieval and a removable litter tray that makes cleaning fast and easy for you.


  • ​66.75 by 30.25 by 41.25-Inch
  • ​Mesh door opening 16 by 37-Inch
  • ​Weight 73-pounds