Top 10 Tips for Raising Chickens in Your Backyard

raising chickens

With over 25 billion chickens in the world, the universe might need a little help raising them.

Chickens are spunky pets, always providing surprises and excitement. If you’ve been thinking about raising them but need help, look no further.

We know it can be a bit tricky at times, but raising chickens is highly rewarding.

Below are 10 tips for raising chickens to give you a little help. Keep reading to fulfill the dreams you’ve been putting off.

raising chickens

1. Have Run Space

Make sure the chickens have plenty of room to run around and dig through the dirt. They are highly active animals and need space to explore.

Look into multiple chicken coop options and select the one that can not only hold the number of chickens you want but can also provide plenty of room to run around.

2. Buy Food

While this seems like a given, lots of research should go into what you are feeding your chickens. A lot will depend on the type of chicken you are raising.

Chickens need a well-rounded diet complete with carbohydrates, protein, veggies, and fats. Make sure you are practicing the food pyramid with the little ones!

3. Provide Good Bedding

Not only do you love a soft place to lay your head, the chickens do too. They want somewhere to get cozy in the nighttime, preferably in a covered shelter.

Bedding is also great because it helps absorb odor and provides a soft place for eggs.

4. Seek Out Other Local Chicken Farms

Doing your online research is important, but don’t be afraid to reach out to other locals raising chickens.

Turning directly to a person can offer tons of useful tips, educational stories, and something to laugh about. Plus, it’s a person you can call later on.

5. It Isn’t All Rainbows

Raising chickens isn’t glamorous all the time. Chickens produce plenty of waste so be prepared for that.

Make sure you have the money and materials to properly clean up after them.

6. Know That There is Inconsistency

Chickens don’t have a set schedule of when they are going to lay an egg. Make sure to have patience and to give the chickens plenty of time.

If you are concerned about the laying pattern of some, check with a professional to make sure everything is healthy.

7. Be Prepared for Predators

Make sure to keep an eye out for neighborhood cats, loose dogs, and local foxes. All of these animals will try to enjoy your chickens as well.

Keep your coop protected when raising chickens.

8. Enjoy Their Company

Chickens have loads of energy and the personality to match it. Take a break every now and then to watch them.

It’s fun to learn their personality and watch their interactions.

9. Understand Their Span

Raising chickens for eggs is fun, but many chickens only lay eggs for a couple years. When they are done laying eggs, you have the option to let the chicken die of old age or enjoy it for dinner.

10. Prepare for Heat

If you live somewhere that can reach high temperatures, make sure to have plenty of water prepared. We don’t want any dehydration when raising chickens.

Enjoy Raising Chickens

While raising chickens can be a lot of work, make sure to have fun and enjoy it.

For more tips on finding or buying the perfect coop, check out the rest of our site.