Merax Wooden Chicken Coop With Egg Crate Review

Merax Wooden Chicken Coop With Egg Crate Review


Spaciously Designed Chicken Coop

Give your chickens all the room they need to roam free and have a large area to nest in. This large chicken coop offers a sizeable ground running area and a spacious indoor resting room for your poultry.

Durable Fir Wood Build

Made to weather the elements, this coop is constructed from high quality fir wood and offers a waterproof coating to ensure that your chickens are safe from rain and any other weather.

Outer Egg Crate For Easy Gathering

The additional outer egg crate with an attractive green linoleum roof helps you retrieve the eggs quickly and easily. Simply open the crate and you have immediate access to all the chickens’ eggs.

Strong Protective Steel Mesh

Make sure that your chickens are always safe and secure from any threats with the durable fencing. Made to stop predator attacks and keep the chickens from escaping, you will know that your poultry will always be there in the morning.

Easy-To-Assemble Design

This coop is created to be put together simply, with simple to follow instructions and a set up process that can be done immediately upon being delivered without any special tools.


This high quality chicken coop from Merax provides a luxurious home for your chickens, while making egg collection extremely easy. The large ground area for roaming and spacious nesting area on top give your poultry everything they need for a safe and active life.

The egg crate is specifically created to ensure a fast retrieval process, where you just have to open up the crate in order to get to the eggs. The strong fir wood waterproof build and industrial grade steel mesh keeps your chickens safe from both weather and predatory animals.


  • ​Overall size: 69"L X 29.5"D X 41"H
  • ​Ramp size: 23.6”L X 7.9”W
  • ​Egg crate: 24.8”L X 12.6”W
  • ​Please note: the overall size includes roof portion