Merax Chicken Coop And Rabbit Hutch Review

Merax Chicken Coop And Rabbit Hutch Review

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Spacious Design For Your Small Animals

This large chicken coop and rabbit hutch is the perfect size to house several small animals. Offering a large ground roaming area with a connecting ramp to the upper hutch, they can sleep comfortably and have room to run around.

Beautiful Natural Wood And Green Look

A great addition to any garden, this hutch has a natural cedar wood design accentuated by green asphalt on the roof and ramp. Not only does it house your animals, but it adds to the scenery in your backyard, garden or farm.

Durable, Long-Lasting Construction

The use of strong cedar wood finished with a waterproof finish, the high quality asphalt and strong steel wiring mean that this coop can withstand any elements. Keep your pets warm and safe from outside attacks with this expertly designed coop.

Easy-To-Clean Litter Tray

In order to make your life as a pet owner easier, a slide-out metal tray has been installed that can be cleaned in minutes. All you have to do is remove it from it’s shelf and you can provide your animals with a clean resting area in no time!

Extra Nesting Box For Easy Egg Access

If you are housing poultry in this coop, then the extra nesting box allows you to collect the eggs quickly and easily. The chickens can lay the eggs in the box and with one flip of the latch, you can grab them in seconds.


Give your chickens or rabbits an incredible home with this natural cedar wooden home. Created to look great in your garden and to weather any elements, the high quality wood build ensures that this coop/hutch will house to your pets for years to come.

With a warm area for sleeping, a connecting ramp and a large roaming area, your animals will be comfortable as they can sleep well and can run as they wish. Keeping them safe is the strong mesh steel that surrounds the outside and waterproof asphalt roof.

Plus it features the fastest way to clean the litter area ever! Simply remove the metal litter tray and in just minutes you will have a fresh home for your pets.


  • ​Ramp size: 29.5"L X 7.9"W
  • ​Wood door:16.9"L X 13:W
  • ​Ladder door:12.8"L X 7.9"W