Formex Snap Chicken Coop Review

Formex Snap Chicken Coop Review


Self-Contained, Lightweight Chicken Coop

This chicken coop is perfect for housing 4-6 large chickens or 6-12 bantams in any yard. Easy to move due to its lightweight design, this self-contained coop can be placed anywhere you need your chickens to be.

Easy To Install, No Tools Required

The coop is designed so that it can be set up extremely quickly and easily. No intricate pieces, heavy hardware or special tools required. Just find the spot for the coop and it will be ready to house your chickens in no time.

Easy Access For Egg Collection

Never struggle to collect your eggs again, with this specially crafted coop that makes it simple to access the eggs from all the chickens inside.

Impact, Water, Chemical And Predator Resistant

Keep your chickens safe from the elements and unwanted visitors in this sturdy, built-to-protect coop. Offering protection from everything that can cause them harm, you never have to worry about any surprises when you check the coop in the morning.

Maintenance Free With A Removable Litter Tray

Don’t bother with messy cleanups anymore! This coop offers an easily removable litter tray, making it quick work to maintain a clean and safe environment for the chickens.


Keep your chickens safe, secure and clean with this easy to build, self-contained chicken coop. Made to house 4-6 large chickens or 6-12 bantams, the sturdy yet lightweight design means that if keeps your birds safe from weather and predators, yet is easy to move and install.

Made in the U.S., the coop provides large adjustable ventilation, easy access for egg collection and a removable litter tray to make cleaning fast and easy. With four nesting spots and removable dividers, you can give your chickens as much or little space as you want.