Confidence Pet 62” Rabbit Hutch/Chicken Coop Review

Confidence Pet 62” Rabbit Hutch/Chicken Coop Review


Perfect Home For Rabbits, Ferrets And Chickens

This well-constructed home is perfect for every small animal, as it offers a spacious resting area and a large roaming fenced in area for them to walk around safely. With 62” of space for your pets, they will feel at home in this double-level hutch.

High-Quality Waterproof Wood Build

The furniture-grade wood has an antifungal finish to ensure a long-lasting home, no matter the elements. Able to withstand rain, winter weather and more, this hutch is guaranteed to house your animals for years to come.

Heavy-Duty Steel Safety Wire

Keep your animals safe with the strong and durable mesh steel wire that lines the outside of the hutch. Able to prevent attacks from predators and stop the animals from escaping, you can have the peace of mind that your animals will always be healthy.

Pull-Out Metal Tray For Easy Cleaning

This home makes cleaning after your pets fast and easy as it features a removable tray that allows you to empty the litter in seconds. You will never have to spend time and effort maneuvering inside to clean the litter area again.

Fast And Easy Assembly

Expertly designed to be setup quickly, this hutch can be put together without any special tools. Simply unpack and assemble the home and you can have your animals living comfortably as soon as you receive the package.


Made by renowned hutch maker Confidence, this 62-inch model is perfect for owners looking to house multiple pets. The vast size of the hutch includes a large run area for more than one pet to play and a ramp will let them move easily between both levels of the hutch.

This hutch sports highly impressive craftsmanship, with all wooden edges that have been meticulously sanded to highlight the smooth construction. The furniture-grade wood has been coated with a waterproof antifungal finish and also includes a waterproof asphalt roof.

Dual lockable doors with strong wooden latches and industrial grade mesh steel protect animals from outside predators. The easily removable tray makes cleaning the hutch extremely easy, so that you can ensure that your pets always have a clean place to sleep.


  • ​Product dimensions: 62in x 24in x 29.5in
  • ​Bottom dimensions: 29.5in x 21in
  • ​Top dimensions: 33.5in x 24in
  • ​Wood thickness: 0.8in
  • ​Product weight: 41lbs