Best Choice Wooden Chicken Coop Box Review

Best Choice Wooden Chicken Coop Backyard Nest Box Review


All-In-One Deluxe Wooden Animal House

This deluxe unit offers a large nesting box, extra resting place and spacious backyard, providing the animals for a warm place to sleep and a big area for play. Everything they need to enjoy their life, safely and securely.

Durable Fir Wood Construction

Built from fully treated and grooved wood, the house is made to last through any outdoor elements. Plus, the natural wood color makes it a great addition for your backyard, as it adds a touch of natural feel to the landscape.

Heavy Duty Wire Protection Cage

Ensure the safety of your rabbits or chickens from any outside predators with the extra-strength galvanized wire that surrounds the entire outside area.

Easily Removable Cleaning Tray

Clean the coop/hutch in just minutes, with the efficiently designed removable plastic tray. Offering easy accessibility, simply slide the tray out of the holder and your animals will enjoy a fresh, clean home in no time.

Dual Ventilation System

Through the easily-opening hinged roof and the built-in window, your pets will always have a flowing circulation of fresh air coming through the enclosed area.


Treat your chickens, rabbits or other small animals to the home that they deserve, with this incredible Wooden Deluxe All-in-One animal home. Built to both look great in your yard and to last through even the harshest outdoor conditions, the fir wood build ensures that this home will be home to your pets for many years to come.

Consisting of a warm enclosed area for sleeping, a resting space and a large play area, your animals will be happy as they can sleep in comfort and run around as they please. To keep them safe, the house is surrounded by strong galvanized steel, while a window and removable roof provides them with adequate airflow.

The best part? We created the easiest way to clean a coop or hutch yet! Just remove the plastic litter tray and in no more than 5 minutes, you will have a clean home for the animals.

Size Details:

80 x 26.5 x 51.5 inches